Vario 340 Online User Manual


1     About this user guide

2     About Vario 340

3     Before you begin

3.1     What’s in the box

4     Vario 340: Getting to know the Device

4.1     Top Side

4.1.1     Braille Display and Display Buttons

4.2     Left Side

5     First steps

5.1     Updates for Vario 340

5.1.1     Performing firmware updates.

6     Braille Display Functions

6.1     Introduction to Braille Display Functions

6.2     Use Vario 340 as a refreshable Braille Display

6.2.1     Vario 340 and COBRA (USB HID)

6.2.2     Vario 340 and JAWS (USB HID)

6.2.3     Vario 340 and Window-Eyes (USB HID)

6.2.4     Vario 340 and NVDA (USB HID)

6.2.5     Vario 340 and Dolphin SuperNova (USB HID)

6.2.6     Vario 340 with Mac OS and VoiceOver

6.2.7     Vario 340 and LINUX

6.3     Reverse Braille Display

7     For your safety

8     Care and Maintenance

9     Common problems and solutions

10   Compliance

11   Warranty.

12   Defects and repair

13   Technical Specifications

14   Appendix

14.1   JAWS commands

1         About this user guide

Thank you for choosing a Vario 340 from BAUM Retec. The purpose of this user guide is to provide the end user and/or their service provider with details on how to use Vario 340.

Vario 340 is a high-quality, German-made braille display, which will provide you many years of reliable service. This user guide contains everything you need to know to use your new device.

As you will learn, Vario 340 is very easy to use. In addition to instructions on how to operate the device, this user guide also includes recommendations what to do if anything goes wrong with the device, and important safety guidelines. 

All efforts have been made to ensure that information contained in this document is correct at the time of issue. Neither BAUM Retec AG nor its representatives assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. Nor is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein.

All licenses and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


2         About Vario 340

The Vario 340 is our new refreshable braille display of BAUM. It was design to be a high quality yet affordable braille display for computer users in need of a compact device. It has 40 braille cells and 6 display buttons. Vario 340 features a reversible USB Type C port, which means it doesn’t matter which direction the USB plug is facing. No more need for testing and finding the right way to plug it in. Also the power will be delivered over the USB-Port. The device is so power efficient that no battery or additional power plug is needed. Like other BAUM refreshable braille displays, Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it.

A specific feature of the Vario 340 is, that it can be used revers. This means that the braille cells are now in the back of the braille display. 

3         Before you begin

Please read the safety instructions at the end of this user guide and check the contents of the packaging.

3.1               What’s in the box

  • 1 Vario 340 Braille Display
  • 1 USB C cable
  • 1 Paper print in braille with download link of the manual file
  • 1 Paper regular printed with download link of the manual file

4         Vario 340: Getting to know the Device

4.1               Top Side

The top of Vario 340 features a refreshable braille display with 40 braille cells, cursor routing buttons, 6 display buttons. Three of the display buttons are located on the left side of the braille cells, the other three on the right sight. Let’s take a closer look.

4.1.1           Braille Display and Display Buttons

To the left and right side of the braille display, you will find three small, round buttons. These are the display keys, which we refer to as D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, and D6. Think of these 6 buttons as a braille cell split in two, with D123 on the left and D456 on the right. These buttons are used to navigate the display left and right, up and down, and used to control the screen reader on a computer.

4.2               Left Side

On the left side of Vario 340 you can find the USB port, which is USB type C. Special about the USB Type C port is, that it doesn’t matter which direction the USB plug is facing. No more finding the right position of the plug.

With this USB Port and the included cable the Vario 340 is connected to a computer. The cable is simultaneously used for power supply and USB connection.

Next to the USB port is the power switch, which slides away from you to power on the device. That means the switch has to be slided towards the USB port to be on.

The Vario 340 needs that less power, so it can be used as a low power device at the USB port. That means that in case it is used with a battery powered notebook, the runtime of the notebook is nearly not reduced.

As Vario 340 has no battery, you are never in need to change one.

5         First steps

Make sure that the power switch on the left side of the device is switched to the back, which means towards the USB port. In that position the Vario 340 is switched on. As soon as Vario 340 gets power via USB connection the device name and version number is shown on the braille cells. This message will disappear automatically after short time or when the screen reader sents his data.

If you want to power off the Vario 340 slide the power switch towards you, which means away from the USB Port.

5.1               Updates for Vario 340

From time to time, new Vario 340 firmware updates will become available for download on our website. Please visit “Support” at or for the USA go to

5.1.1           Performing firmware updates

A small PC tool must be executed to install a new firmware version on Vario 340. Therefore Vario 340 must be switched on and connected to the computer. During the installation the braille display shows a progress bar. After the process is finished, Vario 340 will restart automatically and shows the new version number. The update process will take a few minutes to be completed.


6         Braille Display Functions

6.1               Introduction to Braille Display Functions

The following sections will explain how to connect the Vario 340 to other devices and use it as a refreshable braille display.

6.2               Use Vario 340 as a refreshable Braille Display

Make sure that the power switch on the left side of the device is switched to the back, which means towards the USB port. As soon as Vario 340 gets power via the USB cable it is switched on.

Insert the micro USB type C cable in the micro USB type C port on Vario 340. You do not need to check which side is up and down, because the cable on this end is reversible. Connect the other end of the USB cable into the USB port of your computer. The computer will recognize Vario 340 automatically as a USB HID Braille display. There is no need to install specific device driver.

In specific cases i.e. when using JAWS, device drivers needs to be installed.

The next sections will explain additional configurations when using different screen readers.

6.2.1           Vario 340 and COBRA (USB HID)

From COBRA Version 10.3 respectively COBRA 11 the screen reader will recognize Vario 340 automatically as USB HID braille display.

USB Connection

  1. Plug in the micro USB type C cable to the micro USB type C port on Vario 340 and connect the other end of the USB cable into the USB port of your computer.
  2. If not already happened, switch on the device. The computer will recognize that a new device is connected.
  3. Restart COBRA and check if the Vario 340 is already identified and used correct. If yes, you are done at this point.
  4. If COBRA will not recognize the Vario 340 correctly, open COBRA menu with a fast double tap on the left Shift Key. Choose item “Braille” and then “Braille Devices”.
  5. Click on “manual configuration”
  6. Chose “BAUM Vario 340” from the list and use “PNP” as port.
  7. Click on “Add”. After a short period of time Vario 340 will be identified and used correctly.
  8. Close the dialog with “OK”.

6.2.2           Vario 340 and JAWS (USB HID)

For JAWS there will be a certified device driver available soon. It will support the connection of Vario 340 as USB HID. Driver version 15.52 can be downloaded at “Support” on

If JAWS driver is not installed, Vario 340 will not be shown in the list of available braille displays at JAWS.

Installation of JAWS driver

  1. Download JAWS driver. It is a zipped archive called “”. This zip file contains an executable file called BAUMjfwuni.exe.
  2. NOTE: When JAWS 15 or higher is used on your computer, it is likely that there is the old BAUM JAWS driver installed. This one does not support Vario 340. Unfortunately the old BAUM JAWS driver cannot be removed. If JAWS 14 or lower is used, we advise you to remove the old BAUM JAWS driver before installing the new one.
  3. Now run the application to install the driver. It’s a simple process that requires you to select “next” a few times, and then you’re done.
  4. If the installation process is finished, restart the computer and JAWS. When finished open the section in JAWS for choosing the braille display.
  5. NOTE: In Case the old and the new BAUM JAWS driver are installed at the same time, the BAUM braille displays will be shown twice in the list. They have different names. Entrees from the old BAUM JAWS driver will have an additional “display” in their name.
  6. To select Vario 340 via USB HID choose “BAUM UNIVERSAL USB” from the list.

USB Connection

  1. Install the current driver for Vario 340 in JAWS.
  2. Connect the micro USB type C cable with the micro USB type C port on Vario 340 and USB cable into the USB port of your computer.
  3. If not already happened, switch on the device. The computer will recognize that a new device is connected.
  4. Open JAWS menu and go to “Options” and “Braille”. A dialog window will appear.
  5. Go to “Add braille display”-
  6. A new dialog will appear in which you can choose the supported braille displays. Choose BAUM Universal USB from the list. Confirm it with a press on the space bar. Press return to go to the next step.
  7. Please ensure that the output port is “USB”. In case you have configured more braille displays, the interface must be configured separated for every braille display.
  8. In case you have configured more braille displays, chose the one that should be used first. For example Vario 340.
  9. Confirm and close the dialog.
  10. Restart JAWS. Vario 340 should now be recognized correctly.

6.2.3           Vario 340 and Window-Eyes (USB HID)

The German version of Window-Eyes not yet supports the Vario 340 as a USB braille display, but there is a newer English version already.

Download the Vario 340 driver for Window-Eyes and install it. It is an executable file called “BrailleSrvWe.exe. It can be downloaded at:

Safe the file on your computer and start the installation.

USB Connection

  1. Connect the micro USB type C cable with the micro USB type C port on Vario 340 and USB cable into the USB port of your windows computer.
  2. In Window-Eyes go to “Devices” and “Braille display”. Now chose “Vario 340” from the list.
  3. As connection method use “USB”.

6.2.4           Vario 340 and NVDA (USB HID)

NVDA not yet supports Vario 340.

6.2.5           Vario 340 and Dolphin SuperNova (USB HID)

SuperNova not yet supports Vario 340.

6.2.6           Vario 340 with Mac OS and VoiceOver

OSX not yet supports Vario 340.

6.2.7           Vario 340 and LINUX

Linux BRLTTY not yet supports Vario 340.

6.3               Reverse Braille Display

Vario 340 can be used in revers position. This is preferred by some users, because the hands can be put on the braille display case and the braille cells are on the back of the device. Display buttons will change places and the braille output will be switched.

To use Vario 340 reversed, press D2+D5 while sliding the power switch towards the USB port, means switching on the device.

This setting is saved, Also after switching off the device  and switching on for the next time it remains in reversed mode.

To change back to regular mode just do the same procedure again.

7         For your safety

Important note: Failure to observe the following warnings may invalidate the guarantee and could cause damage of the device or serious injury.

Please check the contents of package before you use the device. If parts are damaged or missing, please do not hesitate to inform your dealer.

Please keep the shipping box, so you can safely pack the device in case you have to ship it for service, etc. Improper packaging could cause loss of warranty. In case you need a new shipping box, your dealer can send you one.

Please carefully read the user guide and safety instructions before you use the device for the first time.

This device may only be used in a home or office environment.

Do not place on an instable surface. It may fall causing serious damage to the device or injury to the user. Please follow the instruction on how to place the device especially in respect to avoidance of tilting and falling down by keeping proper space to edges of table.

Connect the power supply to a grounding-type power outlet only.

Do not use the device if you find any damages at device or wires.

If the device appears to be operating abnormally, or to be damaged in any way, please contact your BAUM dealer as soon as possible.

If you smell smoke or an door coming out of the device, turn off the power immediately and unplug the cable.

Do not try to repair the device yourself. Opening or removal of housing may cause damage or injury.

Do not allow sand or dust to come into contact with the device as this may lead to serious damage and could make repair impossible.

Use the device with clean hands only.

Do not use in locations where strong radio waves are emitted or where there is radiation. Keep a distance of at least 30cm to mobile phones.

Only use original accessories. Use of second source accessories may damage the device or cause malfunction or safety issues.

Do not use a power supply not made for this device. Only use the original power supply!

Do not use the power supply with other devices.

Avoid liquids and food near the device.

Do not use or store the device in any of the following places as this may cause damage:

  • Inside cars parked with the windows closed in the hot sun.
  • In direct sunlight or close to heaters, radiators, etc.
  • Locations subject to severe vibration such as on top of a washing machine.
  • Locations subject to strong magnetism such as near loudspeakers.
  • Humid places (bath room), in water, or near water.
  • In rain or snow
  • Do not use or store below 0°C / 41°F or above 40°C / 104°F.
  • Humidity shall be within 20% to 80%
  • Avoid fast temperature changes

If you bring the device from cold places into a warm room, humidity may condensate. Wait until the device is dry and well-tempered to room temperature before use.

Unplug from mains before cleaning.

Wipe dust and dirt from the device with a soft cloth dampened with a diluted neutral detergent, then wipe dry with a cloth. Do not bring in contact with water.

Do not insert objects into openings.

Do not use device during thunderstorms. Unplug from mains during thunderstorms. We recommend use of an overvoltage protection adapter, which can be bought from your local electro store. Please note, this does not provide a 100% protection from overvoltage.

Do not insert or remove the plug with wet hands.

Do not heat in a microwave oven, on a cooker or similar.

Never disassemble, attempt to repair or modify device yourself.

If liquids or metal fragments should enter device, switch it off and remove the power lead immediately.

Do not pull the plug out by the lead when removing the power plug.

Avoid shock. Do not throw or let fall.

Repairs may only be carried out by BAUM service personal or by service technicians authorized by BAUM Retec AG.


8         Care and Maintenance

Avoid damp and water.

Use only a clean, dry cloth to clean the housing. Do not use any cleaning fluids or solvents.

With extreme cold and frost the device becomes inoperable and must be brought slowly back to room temperature. Under no circumstances must the device be warmed up or “thawed out” in a conventional oven, microwave oven or any other heating device!

Avoid any mechanical damage to the housing or accessories.

Use only the power supply provided.


9         Common problems and solutions

The device does not switch on.

Check if the power switch is towards the USB port

Check if Vario 340 is connected to power supply, either by connecting to a living computer via USB cable or via USB Adapter and wall socket.

The braille display shows gibberish.

Probably the feature of the reverse Braille display has been activated by accident. Switch off Vario 340 by sliding the power switch away from the USB port. Connect Vario 340 to power supply. Hold D2+d5 pressed while sliding the power switch towards the USB port, to switch on the device.

10   Compliance

See end of user guide for compliance declarations.

Electronic assistive devices need special precautions regarding Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). It must be installed and serviced according to the EMC guidelines.

Warning: Use of accessories, transducers and cables other than those specified and sold with the device by the manufacturer as replacement parts may result in increase of emissions or decrease of immunity of the device.

11   Warranty

BAUM Retec AG warrants the device, effective from the date of delivery, to be free of any defects in material and workmanship. Warranty is not transferable and does not apply to groups, multi users or agencies. This device has been designed for the individual purchaser to be used in home or office environments. BAUM Retec AG reserves the right to repair or replace with a similar or better product. In no event shall BAUM Retec AG or its distributors be liable for indirect or consequential damages. The original users’ remedies are limited to replacement of devices modules/parts. This warranty is valid only when service is done in the country of original purchase and with intact warranty seals. For additional warranty claims or service during or after warranty period, please refer to your distributor. BAUM Retec AG does not take responsibility for use of this device other than described in this user guide.

Vario 340 has a limited 2 years warranty.

Defects caused by improper use are not covered by warranty.


12   Defects and repair

If Vario 340 is defective– what to do? 

  • Did you check all settings and connections according to the user guide?
  • Are you sure the power supply is live?
  • Are you sure the device has been switched on?

Do not use a broken device! Unplug broken device from mains! Please do not hesitate to contact your local BAUM dealer or BAUM Retec AG.

You can reach BAUM Retec AG at telephone number (+49) 6223 4909-0 in Germany. We will help you check your Vario 340 in case it is broken we can mail a service box for shipping Vario 340to our repair department.


13   Technical Specifications

  • 40 Braille cells with integrated Cursor Routing buttons
  • HID – Human Interface Device
  • Six function keys
  • Power switch
  • USB Type C Port
  • Housing: Aluminum, brushed
  • Measurements: 30.2 x 2.1 x 7.2 cm (11.9 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches)
  • Weight: 540 g (1.1 pounds)
  • Power supply via USB
  • Charging rate: 100mA max.

14   Appendix

In the following chapters you can find additional information for Vario 340.

14.1         JAWS commands




Braille Prior Line


Braille Pan Left


Braille Next Line


Braille Toggle Cursor


Braille Pan Right


Route Braille to Active Cursor


Braille Shift Tab


Top of File


Bottom of File


Braille Escape


Braille Describe Font


Route JAWS Cursor to PC Cursor


Braille Enter


Windows Start Menu

D3+ Courserroutingtaste

Braille Select Text


JAWS Delete


Braille Tab


Braille Bottom


Select a Link


Select a Frame


Keyboard Help


Menu Bar


Open List Box


Mute Synthesizer


Minimize All Applications


Start JAWS Task List


Braille Toggle 8 Dots


Select a Heading


JAWS Window


Close List Box


Close Document Window


Hotkey Help


Previous Document Window


Braille Auto Advance


Set Braille Verbosity


Braille Grade 2 Translation


Braille Grade 2 Expand Current Word


Next Document Window


Braille Turn Marking Off


Say System Time


Braille Alt Tab


Read Box in Tab Order


List Task Tray Icons


Window Keys Help






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