VarioUltra ListServ (User Forum)

Drawing of stick figures talking to each other If you’re a BAUM USA customer, you already know that we provide best-in-industry customer service and technical support. You also hopefully know about the free VarioUltra List, which is available to customers and prospective customers alike, who are interested in learning about our hugely popular braille display/braille notetaker.

The list includes hundreds of other customers like yourself, plus staff from BAUM USA and from other BAUM companies around the world.

To join, send a message to with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject field.

For additional options visit, enter your email address in the text box that appears after the label “User Options: Your email address”, and then tab to the dropdown box to choose subscribe (or one of the other options such as Digest Mode or Vacation Mode), and then tab to the Go button to confirm.

Once subscribed, you can post a message to the list by writing to, using the email address you used to join the list.