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VarioUltra Braille Display and NotetakersThis page contains links to product registration, software and firmware updates, links to the VarioUltra Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and links to download the VarioUltra user documentation. 

December 11, 2017
Our developers have confirmed the existence of a problem when using VarioUltra and iOS 11. When paired with an iOS device, VarioUltra registers itself as a braille display and as an HID keyboard. With the release of iOS 11, Apple removed support for this dual registration. The result is that attempts to pair or connect VarioUltra with an iOS 11 device may fail part or all of the time.
A partial solution exists by way of a small update. Details can be found on the VarioUltra Firmware Update page.

Product Registration

Registering your product as soon as you receive it (either new or used) helps ensure you’ll receive the best and fastest help possible should you ever need it. Please visit our product registration page right away to make sure we can support to the best of our ability.

VarioUltra Customer Listserv

If you’re considering the purchase of VarioUltra, or if you’re an existing owner of a VarioUltra, we invite you to subscribe to the VarioUltra Listserv. The list is a great place to get answers to questions, or just to share your experiences with VarioUltra. The list is monitored by BAUM support staff, who are often assisted by a growing community of existing customers.

If you’d like to join the VarioUltra online community, please send a message to with ‘subscribe’ in the subject field. For additional options, visit, enter your email address in the text box that appears after the label “User Options: Your email address”, and then tab to the dropdown box to choose subscribe (or one of the other options such as Digest Mode or Vacation Mode), and then tab to the Go button to confirm.

Once you’re subscribed, you can post a message to this list by writing to, using the email address you subscribed with.

VarioUltra Software & Firmware Updates

VarioUltra version 1.4 software is now available. You can learn more about what’s new by visiting the VarioUltra v1.4 Software Update page. Otherwise, follow the link below to download from our DropBox.

Version 1.4 Public Beta, Software Download (DropBox)

VarioUltra FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

VarioUltra User Documentation

Published February 10, 2017

VarioUltra version 1.4 is almost here. We will be introducing this as a Public Beta as we roll out support for Unified English Braille (UEB). Our user manuals have been updated to reflect changes and new functionality. For your convenience, there are links below to online HTML versions of both the VarioUltra User Guide, and the Quick Reference Guide. There is also a DOCX version and a zip archive; the zip file contains copies of both the HTML and DOCX versions for reading offline.

Links to the previous user documentation (v1.33 ) is listed below.