Tech Support Guidelines

BAUM technical support is available Monday through Friday between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. eastern time. You can contact us by phone, 855-620-7985, ext. 402, or via email at
If you call and nobody is immediately available, please leave a message with the best times to reach you in your time zone. We try to answer all calls and email within 1 business day of receipt.

Guidelines when contacting tech support:

1. Please make sure you have registered your product by going to
2. Before calling, please consult the user guide for instructions, tips, and information. The manual can be found in the help section of your VariUltra braille notetaker, and online at
3. You may also find answers to many questions by reviewing our FAQ at
3. When calling tech support, please try to have the following information available: serial number, version of VarioUltra software, and, if applicable, hardware model and version of the software on the device you are trying to pair or connect with.
4. If you need help in troubleshooting a problem, please try to recall the exact steps you took to address the issue so that support specialists can best assist you. It may be helpful to write down the steps you took so that you can reference this information when discussing the problem you are having.