All low vision and braille products produced by BAUM in Germany are covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

In the unlikely event your product needs repair service, our customer service team will issue you with a UPS return label. All repair work is conducted at our facility near Boston, Massachusetts. Most product repairs are completed within 24-hours, and returned via UPS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you offer an extended warranty? Yes, we offer an extended warranty for VarioUltra and Vario 340. The cost is $495 per year for the 20-cell model, and $595 per year for the 40-cell models.
  2. Do you offer extended warranty on low vision products? At the present time, extended warranty is only offered for braille products.
  3. For how many years can I purchase an extended warranty? For braille products, we offer extended warranty on products until their 5th birthday. Once a product turns 5, we switch to parts and labor.
  4. What is covered by the extended warranty? The extended warranty covers everything except accessories. This means items such as carry case, carry strap, USB cable/plug, etc.
  5. Do you provide braille display cleaning during the warranty? We offer two types of braille display cleaning. During the initial 2-year factory warranty, we offer dry cleaning of the braille display as a courtesy. The customer is responsible for shipping in both directions. We also offer an optional wet cleaning, where braille cells are washed with an ultrasonic machine, and dried with an air compressor. Customer is responsible for shipping in both directions. There is a charge for the wet cleaning. Learn more about Braille Display Cleaning.
  6. Are there any warranty exceptions? If your unit is dropped, thrown, burned, exposed to liquid, or any other situation that is outside of normal use and operation, the damage will not be covered by our warranty — factory or extended.
  7. How do I get warranty support? If your product is not working normally, we encourage you to call or email BAUM (USA) technical support. Our toll-free number is (855) 620-7985, and our email address is support@baumusa.com.
  8. What about repair of products not covered by a warranty? If your product warranty has expired, the current rate for repair is $75 for the first 75-minutes, plus $75 per hour thereafter. Parts are sold at then in effect pricing. Non warranty repair also requires that the customer pays for round-trip shipping.
  9. My warranty has expired. Can I still get an extended warranty? The short answer is yes, you can still purchase an extended warranty. If your warranty lapses, we reserve the right to inspect the unit first to confirm its condition.