Drivers for JAWS

This page contains a signed driver for use with JAWS, versions 11 through 18. There is also a link to download the driver for use with older versions of JAWS, through to version 10. The key assignments for using our braille displays with JAWS are included as part of the driver installation.

  • Updated November 25, 2016 – BAUM VarioUltra driver for JAWS version 15.52, in ZIP format. This archive file contains the executable file BAUMJfwUni_15.52.exe, which you must install in order to use VarioUltra or Vario 340 with JAWS version 10, or newer.
  • Updated July 4, 2016 – VarioUltra JAWS Driver v15.52 for use with JAWS 10 and newer. This driver is for VarioUltra and the new Vario 340 braille display.
  • Updated May 24, 2016 – VarioUltra JAWS Driver v15.51 for use with JAWS 10 and Newer. This driver is for VarioUltra only, and addresses a known issue when using JAWS with a Surface Pro device, and a known issue where the display buttons (‘D keys’) do not work when connecting to a Windows computer via Bluetooth.
  • UPDATED June 19, 2015 – VarioUltra JAWS Driver for use with JAWS 10 and newer.
    This driver is compatible for connecting VarioUltra to a Windows computer with JAWS, for connection via USB or Bluetooth. This driver is also good for use with other BAUM braille displays including SuperVario2, VarioConnect, VarioPro, and the Pronto! braille organizer. This driver is also compatible with older BAUM products such as SuperVario, and those manufactured for other companies such as the Brailliant and BrailleConnect. Supported operating systems include Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • JAWS driver for older versions of JAWS through to version 10. This driver is for connection via USB, Bluetooth, or serial with VarioConnect, VarioPro, and Pronto! Older BAUM products such as SuperVario. The supported operating system for this drive is Windows XP only.
  • Instructions on Connecting JAWS with VarioConnect. This file contains instructions on how to prepare your Windows computer and JAWS for connecting with a VarioConnect braille display.