Braille Display Cleaning

Braille Display Cleaning Service:

If you own a refreshable braille display or braille notetaker, you may already know that the performance of the braille cells deteriorates over time. When brand new, the pins of a refreshable braille cell move up and down freely. When a nice new clean line of braille refreshes, pins drop immediately, and then display again.

Alas, as clean and neat and tidy as we humans try to be, dust in the environment and natural oils on our finger tips build up, causing some pins or cells to appear weak. Pins may not drop down when the line refreshes, or may appear weaker than other pins. If you experience these things on your braille display or braille notetaker, it may be time to consider having the braille cells professionally cleaned.

The support team at BAUM (USA) Inc. are able to provide two types of braille cell cleaning:

  • Dry Cleaning:

    • If you own a BAUM braille display that is still under the original 2-year factory warranty, we provide complimentary dry cleaning of your braille display. The customer is responsible for shipping the device.
    • Outside of warranty, we offer dry cleaning of all braille display products manufactured by BAUM Retec AG in Germany, including: VarioUltra, SuperVario, VarioConnect, and Pronto. We can also perform this service on braille displays manufactured for other companies, including the Refreshabraille (sold by APH), and the Brailliant, BrailleConnect, and PK braille displays and braille notetakers that were built for and sold by Humanware.
    • Dry cleaning of braille cells involves some disassembly of the braille display so that we can access the individual braille cells.
      • Step 1: Remove the plastic caps that retain the braille pins in place
      • Step 2: Using a clean dry toothbrush, brush over the exposed pins and caps.
      • Step 3: Assemble the device and test.
  • Wet Cleaning:

    • We offer wet cleaning of braille displays as an optional service for all customers. We offer this service on all of the braille display and braille notetaker products listed above.
    • Wet cleaning requires full disassembly and removal of the braille cells from the housing of the braille display or braille notetaker. Braille pins, caps, and the braille cell housing are removed and washed using an ultrasonic machine.
      • Step 1: All parts placed in soapy water and washed for 30 minutes. For longer braille displays feature 64 or 80 cells, this step may need to be repeated, since not all parts will fit.
      • Step 2: Replace the soapy water with clean water, and wash again for 10 minutes.
      • Step 3: Remove from the water and air-dry with a powerful air compressor.
      • Step 4: Leave all dried parts on paper towel for half a day or overnight to ensure total dryness.
      • Step 5: Assemble the device and test
Wet cleaning of braille cells

Disassembled Braille cells being washed inside an ultrasonic machine.


Air compressor

A 225 PSI air compressor is used to dry away water from washed Braille cells.


Clean braille cell

A clean braille cell. The pins and cap still need to be added.


Keeping Your Braille Display Clean – Preventative Maintenance Tips:

Our advice for keeping your Braille display or Braille Notetaker clean:

  • Keep your Braille device away from food and liquids
  • Periodically wipe the braille display using a clean, lint free cloth
  • Do not use any liquid cleaning products or alcohol based cleaning products
  • Wash your hands after eating, or if you sense they feel dirty or sweaty
  • And in case you forgot, keep your Braille device away from food and liquids



  • Dry Cleaning
    • Up to 20 cells: $75
    • 21 to 40 cells: $125
    • 64 and 80 cells: $250
  • Wet Cleaning
    • Up to 20 Cells: $195
    • 21 to 40 cells: $375
    • 40+ cells: $495

Prices do not include shipping. For customers in CA, VA, or MA, sales tax may be applied.