Vario 340 Refreshable Braille Display


The Vario 340 is a high-quality yet affordable 40-cell Braille display for computer users in need of a compact, lightweight solution for use with computers at home, work, or school.

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Vario 340 is a simple-to-use, high-quality wired Braille display for computer users who are blind and read Braille. This model connects via a USB connection and works with COBRA or JAWS screen reading software.

Like other BAUM braille displays, Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it. Vario 340 features a reversible USB Type C port, which means it doesn’t matter which direction the USB plug is facing. Vario 340 has everything you need for quick access to information. Plus, it’s easy and comfortable to use.

As with all other BAUM products, Vario 340 is protected by our comprehensive 2-year factory warranty.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11.9 x 2.8 x 0.8 in

40 Braille cells with integrated cursor routing buttons; 6 function keys for navigation and control (three left and right of the Braille display); On/Off switch;


1 USB Type C connection (HID – Human Interface Device)

Screenreader Compatibility

Use with popular screen reading software such as COBRA (from BAUM) or JAWS


Powered via USB;


2-year warranty

Drivers & Downloads


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