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Snow 7 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier


Amazing! A 7″ video magnifier for just $879! Need OCR and speech? Pay only $979. Great value and independence for low vision.


Snow 7 HD Plus is manufactured by ZOOMAX, and offered exclusively in the USA by BAUM (USA) Inc.

The new Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7″ handheld video magnifier in the world to combine the portability of a handheld magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-speech — with no need to connect to a computer or other device! Its high-definition camera and screen ensure a crisp, vibrant picture-quality at all magnification levels and the lightweight, portable design makes it easy to use at home, at school, at work or on-the-go.


Snow 7 HD Plus can recognize and read text in 20 different languages (more are coming). You can scan portions of a page or an entire page at a time. Once the OCR has finished processing, you can view the text in your choice of high-contrast colors as the Snow 7 HD Plus reads it aloud to you.

Snow 7 HD Plus Text-to-Speech

Image Storage & Transmission

Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7-inch video magnifier to offer enough onboard storage for up to 1,000 saved images. It also supports 2-way image transfer to/from a PC using a USB cable.

Snow 7 HD Plus storage for up to 1000 images

Superb Distance Viewing

The high-quality 13 Megapixel camera in the Snow 7 HD Plus makes it easier than ever for you to view and magnify text and objects close-up and at a distance. You can use the Snow 7 HD Plus to read an overhead menu at a fast-food restaurant or cafeteria, an informational screen on your TV, flyers hung on a community bulletin board and so much more. Rich, vibrant color rendition helps ensure every detail is crisp and clear.

Snow 7 HD Plus superb distance view

Effortless Panning

Once you freeze or capture an image, you can magnify it and use a simple drag of your finger to pan around it and zero-in on specific areas or portions of text. Snow 7 HD Plus has a touchscreen so moving around a saved image is as easy as scrolling on a smartphone — even with a shaky hand or trembling finger!

Snow 7 HD Plus panning

Adjustable Reading Lines

Reading lines can make a significant difference for many people with vision impairment. Turn these guides on or off, choose the type of guide you prefer (horizontal or vertical line), and adjust the position to suit your needs and reading material.

Snow 7 HD Plus reading line

Standby Mode

Standby mode helps save power and time waiting during frequent and intermittent use. By pressing Power button quickly, you can turn the screen on/off without turning the device completely on or off, making for a more continuous and smooth reading experience.

Snow 7 HD Plus standby mode

Swivel Arm (optional accessory)

The optional easeArm swivel arm is a great accessory for Snow 7 HD Plus. It is tailored especially for the Snow 7 HD Plus range, and provides stable, tremble-free use during OCR scans, image capture and writing under the camera. The swivel arm is adjustable at several points for a comfortable, ergonomic experience. The easeArm MSRP is $150.

Snow 7 HD Plus swivel arm


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 x 5.5 x 1 in

13 mega pixels, Auto-focus HD camera


2.2X to 19X magnifications


7″ TFT screen

Color/Contrast Options

4 color and 10 high contrast color modes


with OCR/TTS, without OCR/TTS


Auto focus/tap to focus

Additional Features

2-way image transmission between PC, Fixed horizontal/vertical reading line, LED light controls (4 types in total), Short press the Power button or stop using after 3 minutes, Stand-by Mode


1.7X to 8X
7 magnification levels in the text page
20 Languages (more are coming)
Female/Male Voices (6 languages available only in female)
Full Page Reading


Approximately 3.5 hours (depending on lights, brightness, and frequency of photo scanning)


Storage up to 1,000 images


Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus – New Technology, New Experience

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus Text-to-Speech Version – Instructional Video

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus Basic Version – Instructional Video


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