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M5 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier


Zoomax M5 HD (available exclusively in the USA from BAUM USA) is a 5” high-definition handheld video magnifier with high-quality, continuous-zoom magnification to 16x, easy-to-use controls and enough onboard memory to store up to 60 captured images. Open the stand on the back to rest the M5 HD directly on your reading material, or attach an optional, detachable handle for a balanced and comfortable grip in your left or right hand.

Available exclusively in the USA from BAUM (USA) Inc.

The M5 HD Plus is the latest and greatest 5″ handheld magnifier from Zoomax. The M5 HD Plus is a great handheld video magnifier for use at home, at work, at school or on-the-go. It has a generous 5″ LCD screen, tap-to-focus distance viewing mode, 10 color contrast settings, lines and windows, onboard storage of up to 60 images and so much more — all at a budget-friendly price point.

Internal Storage of up to 60 Images

M5 HD Plus offers storage of up to 60 captured images. Saving images makes it easy to store information for later reference, such as capturing the serial number on the back of an electronic device before calling tech support, or saving contact information for your favorite pizza place so you can use both hands to hold the phone and dial the number when you call your order in.

Zoomax M5 HD Plus has nternal Storage of 60 Images

Adjustable Reading Lines and Masks

Reading lines and masks can make a significant difference for many people with vision impairment. M5 HD Plus is one of the few handheld video magnifiers that has these tools. Turn these guides on or off, choose the type of guide you prefer (horizontal/vertical line, or horizontal/vertical mask/window), and adjust the position to suit your needs and reading material.

Zoomax Handheld video magnifier M5 HD Plus adjustable reading line and masks

2-way Panning Using Buttons or Touchscreen

Panning lets you move around and view all parts of a frozen image after you zoom in. Use the tactile buttons to navigate the magnified image, or touch the screen and move the image using your finger.


Make the panning with touch screen on Zoomax M5 HD Plus

Press and move your finger on the touchscreen to pan across an image.

Make the panning with arrow buttons on Zoomax M5 HD Plus

Use the arrow button on the left side to shift the image.

High-definition Camera & Screen

M5 HD Plus is equipped with TWO 5-megapixel cameras and a 1280 x 720p touchscreen for an incredibly crisp view of every single word, even at the highest magnification levels. Open the reading stand to place the device directly on a newspaper, photos or magazines for an amazingly comfortable reading experience with little to no eye strain.

 M5 HD Plus is equipped with two 5 megapixels cameras and 1280x720p touch screen

Intuitive & Easy Operation

The M5 HD Plus has a common-sense button layout and doesn’t require the user to remember button combinations or special sequences to access it’s features. New users can learn and will remember how to use the M5 HS Plus after only a few minutes of orientation.

M5 HD Plus Intuitive and Easy Operation

Distance view

M5 HD Plus distance view enables user to figure out farther object. The switch between close view and distance view is easy through reading stand. With the distance view function, it will never be difficult to see traffic information on the bus stop sign, signboard outside the restaurant, or any distant thing.

M5 HD plus distance view

Detachable Ergonomic Handle

M5 HD Plus handle can be attached or detached quickly and easily whenever you’d like to use it. It’s designed to be ergonomic, will balance the weight of the M5 HD Plus in your hand, and can be used equally well by both left-handed and right-handed people. The handle attaches easily and securely without any special tools or knowledge.

Zoomax M5 HD Plus handle



Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 6.8 x 3.1 x 0.8 in

Store up to 60 images


Distance view, Dual 5 megapixel cameras, 2-way panning


Full color and 10 high contrast color modes, HD image quality

Additional Features

Adjustable reading line and masks, 4 types in total, Favorite color modes, Intelligently memorize the most recent settings (e.g. color mode, magnification, button beeps, brightness), Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes, Reading Stand, Tailored Handle (Standard Accessory)


Tactile buttons


2.3x ~ 16x continuous magnification


Connection to TV / Monitor through HDMI cable


1280x720p, 5″ widescreen TFT touch screen


Rechargeable lithium battery with around 4 hours continuous use; 4.5 hours charging time


Zoomax M5 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier Instructional Video