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  • Purchasing the VarioUltra 20 was truly the best investment I’ve ever made. The BAUM (USA) support team has been exceptionally available, friendly, and thoroughly knowledgeable about their products.” Maurice Peret, Maryland
  • “I have owned VarioUltra for over a year, carrying it around in my purse and backpack. It’s easy to type, even on a bumpy paratransit van. Pairs with Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and even the $50 Amazon Kindle without hassle, and makes switching between them easy.” Deborah Armstrong, California
  • I have used many braille displays over the years. The VarioUltra is the best I have used. Its feature set, and build quality are second to none.Rich Cavallaro, Iowa
  • Never during my 40 years as a blind attorney using adaptive technology have I received more interest in my ability to successfully use their blineness product. The hands on interest in the consumer, the insistance on making sure that the product and the user are successfully communicating, and the company's true commitment to successful interaction between user and product are always present, making BAUM (USA) and its employees shine. Their keen interest in customer feed back make BAUM products those that every blind consumer should consider purchasing.” James Kracht, Florida

  • REVIEW: An independent, private VarioUltra review, is available on the AppleVis web site. Posted by customer Scott Davert, this review was originally posted soon after VarioUltra was first introduced, and recently updated (2/6/17) by Scott. 

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