Our Mission

A letter from our Chief Executive, Wolfgang Baum

We believe in independence for every person who is blind or visually impaired. We passionately apply our skills and experiences toward developing solutions that reinforce success at school and work, and improve quality of life.

We always question the way things have been done in the past. We explore new and innovative ways to solve problems. Our approach includes ergonomics, thoughtful design, and materials that meet the highest quality standards. We care deeply about our customers, and help and support them as much as we can. We care about our employees too, and support them to reach their highest potential, ensuring a secure and lasting working environment.

We develop innovative technology solutions that provide independence for people who are blind or visually impaired. Our high-quality solutions allow visually impaired people to magnify their world, and blind people to access electronic and print content with speech or braille output.

Wolfgang Baum
Chief Executive

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We are located at 13 Branch Street, Suite 205, Methuen, MA 01844